Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

A fee only advisor only works for the client based on a flat fee.

We do not get commission from any other source unlike typical wealth managers.

For e.g. your banking wealth manager gets a cut from the insurance company every time they sell you some insurance product. Their incentive is tied to selling you stuff, which may or may not be in your long term interest.

Sadly, the product is rarely in clients’ interest.

On the other hand, a fee only advisors’ true north is aligned with their client. There is no incentive to sell shitty or fancy financial products since we only get paid by the client.

  1. Keep things simple.
  2. Manage risk before returns.
  3. Remember 1 and 2.

For us to help you, you need to trust us. Note that you don’t have to implement everything we say. The final decision will always be yours.

There are multiple steps. Please refer this page for full details – Link.

Please refer the details over here – Link. 

Financial Plan

Let’s find out. :) Give us a call.

It depends.

If you are using our service only for high level advice, then the effort on your part is to read our analysis about your financial health.

However, if say you are starting from scratch then the effort required is roughly 10 hours per year, with few extra hours put in every 6 months of so to rebalance your portfolio.

Here’s a rough idea:

  • We do NOT provide stock recommendations.
  • We do NOT provide one time tips for instant growth of returns
  • Recommend or sell you product based on some background commission etc.
  • Lastly, we never predict returns.


We base our decision on data, but also recognize our inability to predict the future.


We get paid by our clients only.


Boring Advisor team has helped me craft a simple and straightforward strategy that I can use as my northstar.


Sachin Srivastava – Gurgaon, NCR